A Year in Review

2020 is just around the corner and with it Snowfest 2020. While we cannot wait for all of the great things to come as we keep moving forward in our planning for the return of Snowfest we wanted to take some time and reflect on all of the great things that have happened this past year.

The Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest opened 2019 with a lot of hopes and plans and a group of people eager to kick it all off.

In June we held our first event, the Snowfest Weekend of Music June 21-22, 2019. Friday was a great DJ event with our friends Shane Reno and Tim Strews spinning some of the hits of the heyday of Snowfest. Saturday was a great day on the beach listing to Cozy Danger, Bang Bang, Cold Soda Club, and Gain rock out on the Beach. We had a chance to meet so many people that it cemented for the group that Snowfest was a go!!!

During the summer we met many of you down at the Beach as we helped with the City’s Bands on the Beach events many times during the summer. Not only did we get a chance to listen to a lot of great music. We got a chance to meet so many of you!! We were told that everyone wanted to see the event come back and that they were all happy that it was.

Along the way we found what many consider the Songs of Snowfest and also relived some of the Memories of Snowfest Past. We had the chance to interact with even more people and hear more great stories and memories.

This fall we held our first event Chili and Booyah Bash and saw over 30 gallons of chicken booyah fly out the door. Your support helped to raise over $300.00 for TREP as part of our 50/50 raffles as well.

We launched the newest logo for Snowfest and also had a great contest to help name the new Snowfest bear. With over 700 votes cast, Chiller was born and introduced to the world! Be sure to keep an eye out for him in the next few months as he appears at events in Two Rivers!

Chiller!!!!! Photo Courtesy of Lakecoast Local

As the year draws to a close we have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for all of your support as well as the opportunity to make so many new friends. We hope you consider supporting Snowfest 2020 through purchasing merchandise to share with family and friends. Maybe considering a donation to support Snowfest, or volunteering your time to help Snowfest be the great event you remember and we all plan it to be.

Seasons greeting from the Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest and Chiller!

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