Thank You and Hello!!

So 10 days ago we asked you to help us find a name for our new mascot. Well, little did we know that over 700 votes would be cast with people choosing from our choices of Chiller, Snow Bear, Snowy, Snowball, and Cool City Bear. Well the masses have spoken and our new Bear is named:

Hi!!!! I’m Chiller!

Hi, I’m Chiller the new mascot bear for Snowfest. I’m excited for everything that is going on with the event and even more excited to see what is going to happen in the upcoming months with it too. My cousin, Shivers, the original Snowfest bear told me so much fun stuff about Snowfest when it happened a while back. He told me the thing he loved the most was riding on the snow in the parade.

I’m looking forward to doing that too next July 25th in the Snowfest Parade. They tell me that they bury snow in the winter and that they dig it up in the summer. Interested to see how that works!!! You will be seeing me at our events as they come up and will be seeing me at the parade and during the day at the Snowfest event as well.

Thanks everyone for voting for my new name, I like it and hope to keep things chill for everyone to enjoy!

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