Snowfest History

The origins of Snowfest date back to 1936. In July of that year a group of workers in the city digging for a public works project turned over a shovel of dirt to reveal a four by ten foot mound of snow… in the middle of summer!

The residents of the city and local civic organizations felt this was a reason to celebrate, and who could argue with them? Thus, on July 24, 1937, the first Snowfest was born! Since that time the city has celebrated this history. For many years a Snow Queen was crowned. Below is Snow Queen Lorraine Luebke in a photo submitted by Pearl Koch.

Snow Queen final

In the summer, the city came alive with signs, pins to be worn and sold.


Courtesy Jennifer Ann/Friends of Two Rivers SnowFest


Courtesy Shane Reno/Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest

It was also was time to celebrate with bands, parades, and carnivals. Often times children even participated in the parades, and dreamed of being future Snow Queens.

Tammy Marie Snowfest car

Photo courtesy of Tammy Marie

Snowfest was a popular memory for many of the residents of Two Rivers during the 1960’s through the 1990’s when various groups including the Lions, Optimists, Kiwanis, and finally the Jaycees helped to make the festival a reality. Unfortunately due a number of different factors, Snowfest faded into memory.

The Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest are hoping to create more memories like these as we continue to work to bring Snowfest back July 23-25, 2021!