76 Trombones, and a big Parade

As we work to plan our parade for Snowfest 2020 we thought it would be great to hear from people what some of their best memories of previous parades were. So earlier this week we put a post on Facebook asking, “What are your best memories of past Snowfest parades?”

Many of those that responded mentioned snowballs and beer bottles thrown or handed from city trucks during the parade. Others mentioned bands and drum and bugle corps. This even stirred up several conversations about their involvement in the VFW Drum and Bugle Corp.

Others noted Snow Queens and princesses which were part of the past parades and are something we are working on bringing back with our rendition of it. More details to come soon on how you could enter to be the next Snow Queen.

Countless others mentioned classic cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, and of course candy. All of which make a great parade, and all of which we hope to have there in abundance!

Thanks to everyone that gave us all of the great memories of their past parades as fuel for us to build the parade of the future. We hope to announce the theme for the parade soon and also we are happy to let you know that once again it will run right down Washington Street in Two Rivers like it had for so many years.

If you are interested in having a unit of float in the parade, reach out through the contact us button to let us know.

Also we have proud to announce the official logo of Snowfest 2020, is here!!!!

Clothing logo

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