So whats in a number? Especially the number 15, and how does that relate anything at all to Snowfest? Living in Wisconsin we know 15 was the number of Bart Starr, who recently passed away but was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

However in the case of Snowfest, 15 means several different but yet really cool things.

The first 15 is October 15th which marks the end of the contest we are having for the very first Snowfest 2020 sweatshirt ever made, you can win it before you can buy it but you have to stop on over to our blog post Some Fun Ways to Fund the Fun in order to register to play. A tax deductible donation of $20.00 enters you to win! Only 4 days left to enter to win.

The second 15 in Snowfest is the number of bands we will have playing July 24-26, 2020. We will have two stages of music throughout the festival playing music from some local favorites as well as some regional acts that might be new to Two Rivers, but will bring great energy as well. There will be music for everyone!

The third and final 15 will be $15.00 which is what it will cost to own your very own Snowfest baseball cap pictured below. They will be available in gray or white. Having seen it already, I think you might just want to own one. Speaking of that, on October 17th we will be launching our online store for all things Snowfest, check back and click on Shop, then Snowfest merchandise to catch the link to the store and own your very own hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and many more things to come.


Clothing logo

Check back often as each week we try to provide some more information of all of the great things going on with Snowfest 2020. #snowfestintr2020 #yestherewillbesnowinjuly


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