Snowfest 2022: A quick look back!

Snowfest 2022 marked the second year return of Snowfest. This year it returned entirely to Neshotah Park where it had been for much of its past history. The event kicked off with a wide variety of music, food, and fun for everyone that attended.

Friday night opened with a great crowd for Eight Second Ride, Bacchus Lotus, and our headliner Mae Simpson and her band! The park was rocking with so much great music! So many smiling faces were there and a great energy around the whole park location! Our volunteers were great supports to helping make the whole event flow great!!!

Saturday morning opened with the Snowfest parade. This time it was on the south side of Two Rivers on Columbus street. The streets were lined with smiling faces of people having fun. Chiller was in rare form and thanks to our friends with Sturm Special Effects, snowballs were thrown to the crowds delight! Following the parade families and the crowd joined us at Neshotah Park. A vendor fair was bustling with shoppers and the family area and carnival was full of people enjoying the great weather. Dieter and Sturm Special Effects even added to the fun and made it snow in the park. It was a first as that was the only snow in the US on July 23rd!! See some of the pictures below!!!

The afternoon progressed well but mother nature did have other plans in mind as strong thunderstorms rolled into the area forcing us to end the fun a little earlier meaning we didn’t get to hear the sounds of Thy Dirty Deuce and Cold Sweat and the Brew City Horns in the park. Have no fear were working on something special at Snowfest 2023 for both of them, stay tuned!

Sunday dawned with everything a little soggy but all in one piece despite the weather. Crowds returned and we enjoyed another day of vendors, food, fun, and family all while listening to the great sounds of The Pineapple Hunks, Riley Haupt, and Smart Mouth to end the day.

A great weekend was enjoyed by everyone and we look forward to the return of Snowfest 2023 on July 21-23, 2023!

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