Snowfest: Our Organization and Giving

by Jeff Sachse

As excitement builds for the return of Snowfest to Two Rivers, we think it is important to take some time to share what the Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest is hoping to do through the festival and what we believe that we will be able to build. The history of Snowfest has been defined by the many fraternal and service organizations that have served as its stewards throughout the years, ranging from the American Legion and Kiwanis to the Jaycees. While many of our members belong to service organizations both here and elsewhere, we felt it was important for Snowfest to be an event that is connected to the community. 

The Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest was organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2018. This makes community giving a fundamental part of our mission alongside with bringing a fun-filled weekend to the lakeshore every summer. It is the also the foundation upon which many of the partnerships we have been able to build and continue to build with groups throughout the community and beyond.

The most immediate and tangible way that Snowfest will give back is in the partnerships we form with our volunteer groups. The Friends have committed to award each group a grant for each three-hour volunteer shift filled. Each group is also invited to wear apparel and hang signage identifying who they are and are also encouraged to collect tips. We see our service organizations as a vital part of the community as well as an essential part of Snowfest.

Second, the Friends will work with community sponsors as well as with the proceeds from Snowfest 2021 to make a gift to Two Rivers Parks and Recreation to support the work they do to bring music to the community. We will also be doing more of this ourselves through our Club Chiller concerts, which will be announced in late summer. Finally, we will be working with businessowners throughout Two Rivers to bring musicians and artists into the community in more unconventional ways. We strongly believe that supporting a vibrant arts community on the lakeshore is one way we can aid in its revitalization.

We also see Snowfest to remember those that have passed who share our love to music and the community. Tony and Jeff Sachse and their families have pledged sponsorship in the memory of their mother, Diane, who volunteered at several festivals and was a loud and proud band booster. We invite our friends and neighbors to think of ways that they might wish to honor Snowfest’s history.

Finally, Snowfest 2021 is proud to be a Rural Homecoming event. The Rural Homecoming campaign was launched in 2019 through a partnership with the Rural Community Assistance Program and is designed to help communities highlight what makes them unique and to invite former residents to see how they have changed. We know that the return of Snowfest has excited many of our friends and family from across the country to come home. We can’t wait to show off Two Rivers, bring back great memories, and build new ones.

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