Club Chiller

Looking for a unique way to support Snowfest 2021 and to get some cool stuff in return? The Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest is proud to announce Club Chiller!

A membership in Club Chiller helps to support Snowfest 2021 which will be held July 23-25, 2021 and which marks the return of the Two Rivers tradition after a nearly 25 year absence.

Your membership in Club Chiller gets you:

A one of a kind Snowfest 2021 tee unique for the members of Club Chiller

Discounts at Snowfest 2021 including beverage discounts throughout the festival

Unique gifts from local artisians with a Snowfest theme

Unique access to the thoughts, favorites and music of many of the artists playing at Snowfest 2021.

and much more….

Your $75.00 membership will get you all of these things and support Snowfest 2021. We hope to see you there!!!

To join, just click the link on the home page and you’re all set!

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