Chiller’s Musical Madness-August Edition

We cannot wait to celebrate the return of Snowfest 2020 August 15-16, 2020. Being able to get together while staying apart a bit in this time is something that everyone can look forward to. While it might look a little different from the original, the spirit of Snowfest is ready to return to Two Rivers.

One of the many things that Snowfest has been known for has been great music and the return of Snowfest is no different. We are excited to welcome 10 different musical acts back to Two Rivers as part of Snowfest 2020. The music will kick off Friday night August 14th in support of the 20th Annual Cool City Car Classic and will continue through the rest of the weekend at Walsh Field for Snowfest 2020! We want to give you a change to learn more about all of the music that will return to Two Rivers this August. Without further ado…..away we go!

Friday Night: Central Park, Two Rivers

4:00-6:00 Bare Bones Blind

Bare Bones Blind is the 4-piece cover band playing everything under the sun. With Jeff Stebane taking the helm with lead vocals and guitar, Bare Bones puts a new twist on what a band can come out and play. With Chad Hoerth and Chad Boettcher as the backbone of this band along with Mike Loveless on lead guitar. They come out and are having a blast doing A to Z and everything in between.

Want to learn more about them:

6:30-8:30 p.m.   Dig Deep

Dig deep, a four-piece string band from around the Wausau area brings its folk rock stylings to Snowfest as the opening act of the event. Dig Deep brings their well-honed, hard-edged sound and their boisterous, dynamic performances to Two Rivers for the first time. Their recently release album “Heavy Heart” features the self-titled track “Heavy Heart that you can hear below.

If you want to learn more about this great band, click here:

Saturday-Walsh Field

We kick off the official start of Snowfest 2020 with a great set of musical acts. Both are familiar to Two Rivers but for some very different reasons. We are excited to welcome both of these great acts to our stage. So let’s introduce you to our Saturday musical line up: Thy Dirty Deuce and Liquid Crush.

4:30-7:30 Thy Dirty Deuce

Kicking off the music at Snowfest 2020 is a regional favorite Thy Dirty Deuce. The original mathematicians of rock n roll take the stage in Two Rivers for the first time in a long time. Rob Atwood provides the vocals, Jamey Clark on the kit and Greg Roteik on the bass provide the beat for the rest of the crew. David Passow and Matt Ostlund provide the relentless blues groove people have come to expect. Thy Dirty Deuce recently released its fourth new album and we are so proud and happy to welcome them to the Snowfest music stage.

Check their original tract, “To All My Friends”

Want to know more about them:

8:00-11:00 Liquid Crush

Our headliners, who close out the first night of Snowfest 2020, features one of Two Rivers very own. Liquid Crush is a five-piece rock and classic cover band from the Milwaukee area. Jon Stangel, a Two Rivers native brings the experience, showmanship, dynamic vocals, and energy that is part of Liquid Crush back home to Snowfest 2020.

Check out a sample of their performance in the video below:

Learn more about our Saturday headliners here:

Sunday-Walsh Field

The musical fun, or madness if you want continues on Sunday with a great group of musical acts. They represent a wide variety of musical tastes, but we are sure you will love them all. Let’s give you the chance to meet them all!

12:00-3:00 Happy Schnapps Combo

What would a Wisconsin Festival be without the Happy Schnapps Combo? Since 1988, concertgoers have loved the polka anthems like, “The Bears Still Suck” and “No I Don’t Wanna Do That” pumped out across festivals and bars alike. The band featuring Otto, Horst, Wenzel, Wolfgang and Helmut are a sight to be seen. Make sure you have a good seat and cold beer for this one. Just in case you don’t know their unique sound, here’s one of the local favorites in this region, “The Bears Still Suck”:

Click here to learn more:

3:30-5:00  Boomer Nation

We continue Sunday with the rock stylings of Boomer Nation. Boomer Nation, a five-piece band is a blend of experienced musicians that have been performing for decades in a variety of music circuits. You can expect to hear powerful renditions of a diverse selection of classic rock and roll that spans multiple generations all performed with a polished degree of precision. From the Stones to Zeppelin, and GnR to Collective Soul, you will enjoy dancing or kicking back and watching the show concert style. Boomer Nation promises, Classic Rock for All Generations! Listen below to their take on a Led Zepplin classic!

Learn more about the band here:

5:30-6:45   Joseph Huber

We continue our Sunday musical line up with Joseph Huber a singer-songwriter from the Milwaukee area that defines the spirit of Americana.  He has plied his craft since his time as one of the founding members of the .357 String Band refining his lyrical and introspective approach.  Whether it’s irresistible, fiddle-driven, dancing tunes or honest, heart-wrenching “songwriter” songs, Huber’s songs and shows spans the spectrum of ‘Roots’ music while preferring not to stay within the boundaries of any strict genre classification. You can find his performance of “Pale, Lonesome Rider” here:

 And discover more at:

7:15-8:30   David Quinn

David Quinn blends a Midwestern mentality with classic Country stylings in his approach.  The Chicago-based musician, who released his critically acclaimed debut album “Wandering Fool” in 2018 is a touring fixture throughout the US.  He describes his music as Midwest Cosmic Country and we are excited to welcome this rising star to Snowfest 2020.You can hear his track “Let Me Die With My Boots On” here:

9:00-11:00 Buffalo Gospel

Our Sunday headliner is one of Wisconsin’s most popular Americana bands.  Buffalo Gospel’s Ryan Necci brings a highly introspective writing style coupled with influences from 1970’s AM radio across four highly regarded albums.  The band’s wildcat live performances take listeners to a dusty, forlorn, but strangely familiar place that simply gets sweeter with time. You can see their video for their song “Easy Love” here:

In addition, discover more at:

We are so excited for all of the fun, music, and socially distant gathering that Snowfest 2020 will bring. Keep checking back in at to learn about more of the fun to come this August!

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