A quick recap, and what’s to come!

As the weather has somehow jumped right to winter without much of a fall things continue to heat up in the planning for Snowfest 2020. So before we start looking forward to what is to come over the next few months, lets quick look back at a few events.

This past Sunday, November 10th the Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest hosted our Chicken Booyah and Chili Feed at Lonz’s Tannery Club in Two Rivers. What turned in a close Packers win and a bit of a snowy day was a great day with a lot of fun, food and memories. By the time the event was over over 30 gallons of booyah was sold and over 8 gallons of chili went out the door as well. We held a 50/50 raffle with the proceeds to benefit the Two Rivers Ecumenical Pantry (TREP). Through the generosity of the many that attended we are able to over $300.00 to TREP to help with their needs and to help support the many people that rely on their services during the holiday and winter seasons.

As the calendar keeps advancing forward, the countdown to Snowfest 2020 has begun! Check out at the bottom of the home page to find the countdown timer.

So whats next? Members of the Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest group continue to meet and plan all of the great things to come July 24-26, 2020. We are working with sponsors to secure their support as well as helping to identify volunteers to help fill the many needs that we have to help with the parade, food and beer sales, as well as helping with some of the games we might be playing there as well. If you want to help us make this happen you can click Here to contact us with your interest in volunteering to help make this happen.

If you’re interested in buying a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt and other merchandise for Snowfest 2020 to help support the event and to have something cool for Christmas you can shop Here and be guaranteed to have everything in time for Christmas.

The Friends of Two Rivers Snowfest will be in the Manitowoc and Two Rivers Holiday Parades at the end of November. So look for us there and you’ll be introduced to our new mascot which you’ll have a hand in naming. Check back next week to see how.

Have a great week everyone!

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