Beer, Bands, and Booyah!!!!

Throughout the 60 plus years that Snowfest was in existence before it came to an end it was marked by a lot of really cool music. From local bands to national acts, Neshotah Park was always filled with music and more importantly people. As we continue to work on planning Snowfest 2020, we plan for the exact same things to happen.

For Snowfest 2020 we want to make it an awesome experience for everyone. So we are going to have two music stages, one at Neshotah Park and the other at Walsh Field. With two stages of music we are going to have over 15 different bands playing throughout the entire weekend. From country to bluegrass, to classic rock and harder rock we will have something for everyone to listen to. As we continue to develop the music schedule we will let you in on the headliners for the events three days as well as some of the others playing throughout the run of the festival. So keep checking in as you never know when we will drop some information!

Beer and fun were always another part of the Snowfest experience. Many a story were shared over a cold one at the Neshotah pavilion. Well have no fear we will still be sharing a cold one at Neshotah but also at Walsh Field too so you can relax and enjoy all of the great music. Along with your favorite domestic beers we will also have a craft beer area with beers from local favorites including: Ahnapee Brewery, Lakefront Brewery, Three Sheeps, Sabbatical Brewery, Petskull Brewery, Stillmank Brewery, Noble Roots Brewery, and Copper State Brewery with more to come. Stay tuned for more announcements on our brewery partners as we continue to add them.

So we mentioned the bands and the beer, how about the booyah!!!

Next Sunday November 10th our group will be hosting our Booyah and Chili Feed. It will run from 11:00 to the end of the Packer Game at Lonz’s Tannery Club at 4317 Tannery Road in Two Rivers. We will have baked goods for sale as well for purchase. It will also mark the first time you will be able to purchase Snowfest 2020 merchandise and take it home with you. Also if you want you order it and still have it ready in time for Christmas, we can do that too!

This marks the start of the countdown to Snowfest 2020 and our crew couldn’t be happier to get it going!


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