The Songs of Snowfest

It has often been said that music helps to define a moment. A song can define a movement, a moment, or a period of time. It can also help make memories or help recall memories past. As we saw last week there are many memories of SnowFest that people have and remember fondly.

With SnowFest having such a long history as it has, no doubt there are songs that people remember. So we asked on Facebook to the members of the Friends of Two Rivers SnowFest group what songs they associated with SnowFest.

Well needless to say the response was great!

Songs by Ozzy Osbourne, Loverboy, REO Speedwagon, Scandal, Tommy James and Shondelles, the Beatles and even a few Christmas classics were mentioned. So for your listening pleasure I’d like to present to you the Soundtrack of SnowFest’s past!!!

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