SnowFest, an old friend returns

by Tony Sachse

SnowFest has meant many things to the residents of Two Rivers for nearly a century. In 1937, four guys were playing around on the south side of town and happened to come upon snow, in the middle of summer. What was a chance finding and something some of the kids got in trouble for actually doing lead to a festival that celebrated that history but also celebrated the people of Two Rivers.

SnowFest was a stable of the summers in Two Rivers for many years however like many things interest waned and it went away in the mid 1990’s relegated to the memories of those that experienced the fun that it brought. When it left there seemed little hope for it to ever return.

Fast forward a few years and there have been a few attempts at bringing this old friend back to limited success in each case. In 2018 a group of people came together in earnest to try and bring SnowFest back. Each of us have a different reason for why we want to see if come back but none the less the drive is there.

Our crew recently held our Weekend of Music in June (pictures to come) which reinforced our drive to see SnowFest come back. Off the success of this event as well as several fundraisers working with the City of Two Rivers Parks and Rec Department we are well on our way to bring Snow Fest back. As I noted before we are now officially announcing July 24-26, 2020 as the return of SnowFest.

Keep checking back as we hope to continue to post more information on entertainment acts, our progress with fundraising, and also new things such as merhandise which will be available to help commemorate the return of this old friend. Two Rivers is experiencing a renaissance and is trying to rise from the ashes the last few years have left it. The Friends of Two Rivers SnowFest are excited to be one more part of that rebirth!

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