Stephen Cooper and the Nobody Famous

Playing Sunday July 30, 2023

Soul.  Rhythm and Blues.  The words conjure romantic images of dancers dripping in sweat, swaying slowly to infectious Motown grooves, Staxx and Chess chart toppers oozing from the bandstand with an intensity so real it broke your heart.  Tender ballads peppered with swirling keyboards and scorching barnburners precisely punctuated by a ruthless horn section – these songs had you on your feet before the singer even started.  The times have changed and music has moved on, but the feeling remains. The Nobody Famous promises this feeling will sustain.  

Sizzling horns, a rhythm section that hits like a jackhammer, and guitar that’s as seductive as it is destructive.  And at the forefront, Stephen Cooper.  Combining rock, R&B, soul, jazz, blues, and funk like a musical mad scientist, he’s drawn on 25 years of musical experience to create something truly special: a living, breathing musical conduit from the past to the present, guaranteed to bring you that feeling of the heart once again.

Cooper has been a bandleader, sideman, and touring musician for his entire adult life. In that time, he has played in 21 states and 7 countries with numerous groups, most notably WiFEE and the HUZz BAND and The Groove Hogs.  He taps into the vocal DNA of Amy Winehouse, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green, while also being a highly acclaimed saxophonist and instrumental soloist.  Each member of Nobody Famous is a superstar in their own right and we implore you to give us a spin!

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