Blessid Union of Souls


Playing Saturday July 29, 2023 

Since their 1995 debut release, ‘Home’, Blessid Union of Souls have sold millions of records worldwide and never stopped living their dream: Creating and performing music that touches the hearts of countless people across the globe. Songs like, “Hey Leonardo”, “I Believe”, and “Brother, My Brother” are just some of the hits that you are sure to hear when the band hits the stage.

Singer/song writer, Eliot Sloan, along with Brian Lovely, Dan Dorff, David Lessing and Dave Ramos, are going into their 9th year of touring. In the course of their career, not only has the band performed in all 50 of these United States several times over, but around the world as well. 

The heart, soul and spirit of this band is still embodied in one simple phrase: Love is the answer. That’s one thing that will never change when it comes to Blessid Union of Souls. We are sure you will love their music and their message of hope. 

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